God’s Grace is Sufficient

God’s Grace is Sufficient

God’s Grace Is Sufficient

The Widow of Saunders Creek by Tracey Bateman

The Widow of Saunders Creek by Tracey Bateman is extremely well written. I found it to be a fascinating read. There are many issues that the author has dealt with throughout the story. From Grief to God’s Grace, the characters face issues that they have to decide how to handle them and I was captivated by the process.
The story takes place on the old homestead for the Saunders family. Corrie Saunders inherited the land upon the onset of her husband, Jarrod Saunders’ passing. Jarrod’s passing was a casualty of the War in Iraq.
Corrie struggles with the loss of her husband. She deals with the process of grieving. She goes through the many cycles of grieving which include denial. She also struggles with the loss by continually wanting to be able to communicate with her late husband.
When Corrie first arrives at the home, which once belonged to Jarrod’s grandparents, she thinks she feels Jarrod’s presence close by her side. While trying to cope with the loss she proceeds to renovate the home using the help of Jarrod’s cousin, Eli Murdock.
Can Corrie get over the loss of her husband? Are there spirits in the old home? Will Corrie ever be able to find love again? Will Corrie be able to trust God to help her overcome the pain and the loss? Will she come to realize that God’s Grace is sufficent?
To find out the answers to these questions and to see how Corrie and Eli interact with each other, I wholeheartedly recommend you read “The Widow of Saunders Creek” by Tracey Bateman.



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