Love’s Struggle to Blend Two Souls




Love’s Struggle to Blend Two Souls

 “The Struggle: Kentucky Brothers” by Wanda E. Brunstetter is a wonderfully well written book. I enjoyed reading it thoroughly and am grateful to the author for allowing me to win this autographed copy for free. I would highly recommend this book to everyone, not just those who enjoy reading Amish fiction but to any and everyone who enjoys Christian fiction and romance stories.

The story starts out in Paradise, Pennsylvania but then transcends to Christian County, Kentucky. Timothy Fisher is married to Hannah but their marriage is struggling to survive. Timothy feels that Hannah’s dependence on her family especially her mother is hindering their relationship. Due to these problems in their marriage, Timothy feels it is necessary for a change and has decided it would be for the best if he and Hannah move to Christian County, Kentucky. Timothy hopes that Hannah will turn to him, rely on him, and will better communicate with him if they are away from her family.

Timothy’s twin brother had already moved to Kentucky for work and well as one of his other brother’s, Samuel. His plan is to stay with his brother, Samuel and work for him until he can save enough for a place of their own. Samuel has been steadily working for Allen Walters and building up his own business on the side. He has so many jobs lined up that he could really use Timothy’s help.

Hannah is reluctant and angry about Timothy’s decision to move them to Kentucky. She doesn’t want to move away from her family. She is very close to her mother and will miss her very much. Instead of being cooperative regarding the move and her husband’s leadership she fights him all the way. Knowing that Samuel is a widow with children she wonders if he’ll expect her to watch over his children while he and Timothy are working.

While Timothy is struggling to work and save money for a place of their own, their problems worsen instead of getting better as he had hoped. Hannah’s resentment toward the change continues to grow and eventually she flees back to her parents’ home in Pennsylvania.  How can their lives and hearts become blended together if there is so much conflict and resentment between them? Will Hannah’s leaving Samuel for her parents’ home solve anything?

Find out if their two souls will become blended together by reading this fantastic story. How will God intervene in their lives? Will Hannah’s resentment and anger fade and go away? How will their faith in God be displayed through this struggle? Will they turn to God? Will their faith grow stronger and more dependent upon God or will one or both be angry with God over their struggles and circumstances?

The answers to these life lessons are intertwined into the story and struggles of the lives of Timothy and Hannah Fisher. Pick up a copy today and begin reading this fascinating and thrilling story.

This book was received for free from the author. I have in no way received any compensation for the review of this book.




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