Strengthened Through Scuffles

Strengthened Through Scuffles

Be Still My Soul by Joanne Bischof is a wonderfully written book set in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains weaving an exciting tale depicting a mere glimpse into the Appalachian lifestyle. It is a recommend read for everyone, young and old alike. It has a lesson in it that you will want to remember. This story is about two young people, Lonnie Sawyer and Gideon O’Riley, from two very different backgrounds. Both Lonnie and Gideon have had many difficulties, hardships, and some scuffles throughout their lives.

Lonnie’s dad is an extremely controlling person and no one including Lonnie could or would ever go against Joel Sawyer. When Joel Sawyer makes up his mind about something, right or wrong, what he say goes and is enforced whether anyone agrees with it or not. Lonnie would often flee to her Aunt Sarah’s place for support and reassuring words of comfort that she would hear from the Bible.

In Gideon’s family, unlike in Lonnie’s, his mom is the one who determines what happens within his household. Gideon has his own struggles to face and gets in a few scuffles that are beyond his control. His mom despises the Sawyer family tremendously. Gideon’s sister, Mae, contributes the disdain to the knowledge that Joel chose someone else instead of choosing to marry her.

Lonnie and Gideon meet when Lonnie is forced by her father to get up on stage and sing. Lonnie’s mother was originally supposed to be the one singing but since she wasn’t feeling well her dad made her get up on stage and sing. Lonnie didn’t like singing in front of huge crowds, she was scared and shy. She thought her mom was the one with the great voice not her but she did as her father had instructed her to do. She began clapping to the music being played by the band, prayed to God to calm her spirit, and then she sang he heart out. Gideon was a member of the band who played the mandolin. Lonnie was having such a good time that, when her dad said he was ready to leave, she asked him if it was alright if she stay awhile longer. He said it was okay and for her to get her brother, Oliver, to walk her home. When she went to find Oliver to walk her home, he had other plans and asked Gideon to walk her home instead. So she walked home with Gideon and that one decision changed both of their lives forever.

How does God still their souls? Does God still one or both of their souls? Which heart needs the peace that only God can give more, Lonnie or Gideon? How are they able to overcome their hardships? Are Lonnie and Gideon strengthened by their scuffles and difficulties? To find out the answer to these questions and what difficulties Lonnie and Gideon face both on their own and together, I would strongly recommend you pick up a copy of “Be Still My Soul” by Joanne Bichof and begin reading it. You will not be disappointed that you did. It is a marvelous book with a lesson for us all to understand.

Please take not that I have received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. I have in no way received any compensation for this review.  I give this book a five star rating.


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