Secrets: Courtship – Love

Is love enough?

Have you ever had a secret courtship? Secret boyfriend you kept from your friends and family? Most of us, at least in the U.S. do not use the term courtship. Courtship may seem to be an old fashion term referring to building a relationship with the intent on marriage. It is different than dating. Dating is used more for the casually get to know someone with no strings attached.

The book, Their Secret Courtship by Emma Miller, is a well written story about an Amish woman who develops a friendship with an “Englisher.” The “Englisher” gives her assistance when her buggy runs off the road into a ditch. He walks beside her as she walks her buggy horse to keep him calm.

Bay knows Amish are only supposed to court another Amish person. She doesn’t think she wants to marry. Bay befriends the “Englisher” and his pregnant sister. She keeps the friendship a secret from her family. Knowing the “Englisher” David isn’t Amish she doesn’t think a romantic relationship would be possible. So she keeps the friendship a secret, only tells her mother she’s helping sister.

By keeping secrets, she ends up lying or telling half-truths. It is never a good idea to tell lies. Half-truths are just as much a lie as a full fledge lie. The author weaves the lies and secrets throughout the story. She makes you wonder whether something more would develop or whether Bay will realize nothing will ever be possible and she’ll remain a single Amish businesswoman.

To find out more of the story between Bay and David, you’ll need to read the book. I highly recommend it. Once you begin, you won’t regret it. Thank you, Emma Miller, for writing a wonderfully delightful and intriguing story.


About Deb L Waters

I am an avid reader. I read mostly Amish fiction but also read other novels. I enjoy romance, mystery, and Christian devotionals. I enjoy hiking in the outdoors, especially in Greenways and State or National Parks. I love my grandson. He is my favorite subject, so I'll post about him and his antics.
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