Book Review for “The Harvest of Grace” by Cindy Woodsmall

“The Harvest of Grace” – An Ada’s House Novel by Cindy Woodsmall is the third book in the Ada’s House Novel Series.   

 The book is very captivating and filled with intriguing stories about love, anger, betrayal, trust and forgiveness. It tells the story of how love and trust can be broken, how anger and selfishness can build and reside in individuals, and how trust in God can bring about forgiveness and trust in others. This book reveals how God’s love can overcome and break down the barrier walls that people build up to block out the pain and hurt and shows that broken relationships can be restored through the power of God.

The story begins on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, where Sylvia Fisher lives with her parents and her eight sisters. She interacts in various different ways with each of her family members. Even though she is close with all of her family, she is the closest with her sister, Becki. She can talk so easily with Becki that sometimes they sit up all night talking. Sylvia isn’t like most Amish women, she enjoys helping out with the family dairy herd and interested in helping increase the milk production and quality of the herd. Besides working, she enjoys spending time with Elam Smoker but she is unaware that her sister, Becki has been conniving to have Elam for herself. Due to certain circumstance that take place, Sylvia feels that she must leave home. With her dads reluctant permission, she moves to a dairy farm in Dry Lake belonging to Michael and Dora Blank. She begins working for them to help with their dairy herd, to make improvements, and to try to help restore the farms  profitability.

When she begins working for the Blanks, their only son, Aaron Blank, is away in an alcohol rehabilitation facility known as the Better Path. Aaron returns home with the intentions of trying to convince his parents to sell their farm and move with him to run an appliance store.

Aaron and Sylvia have various conflicts while on the Blank property. Aaron insists on Sylvia having Sundays off as a way to relax and get acquainted with other people instead of trying to constantly work herself into exhaustion. During these times, Sylvia becomes friends with Cara Atwater Moore, Deborah Mast, and Lena Kauffman.

Cara is an Englisher from New York, who flees a stalker and after reading her mother’s diary turns up in Dry Lake, Pennsylvania. Cara falls in love with an Amish man named Ephraim Mast, Deborah’s brother. Before her and Ephraim can marry she must overcome the obstacles of learning the Pennsylvania Deutch language and be able to follow the rules of the communities Ordnung.

Cara and Deborah Mast help Ada Stotzfus run Ada’s House, and Amish bakery and gift shop. Deborah and Ada help Cara learn the Amish way of life. Deborah used to be engaged to Ada’s son, Mahlon but he ran out on his family and his community. Deborah is sweet on Jonathon Stoltzfus. Ada is an Amish widow who has eyes for Israel Kauffman. Israel’s daughter Lena, lost her teaching position due to conflicts brought up be Michael Blank, who is head of the school noard. Lena is in love with Grey Graber who was once married to Elsie Blank, the daughter of Michael and Dora Blank, before she had an unfortunate accident that took her life.

Each of these couples face their own difficulties and struggle to come to terms and overcome their problems. To find out more about the people in “A Harvest of Grace” by Cindy Woodsmall, you will have to read the book. It is a must read for all who enjoy reading Christian fiction and not just for those who like to read Amish Fiction.

I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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